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ATTN: All icon makers.

I've decided to try and break off from the trendy use of light textures, which i never really used to begin with. My light textures were always simple. I have started to, however, use patterns of sorts into my icons and I really do like the concept. Granted, it needs to be fine tuned and all, but im just starting this out. You'll notice, I did use some light textures by teh_indy, this is just to ease out of that phase, at least for me. I just made 4 icons, of each of the champions, and each one has an icon with text, and without text. Please, if you lie this concept, and see something in your mind that you could do with patterns, go right ahead. I see a lot of potential using patterns and I think the "elitists" of live journal could do a lot with this. XD.

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8 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Icons

5./ Image hosted by 8./ Image hosted by

(pattern prototypes)

More over at my icon journal.
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